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Patient Education

The Heart

How to take a Pulse and Information regarding your Blood Pressure

Symptoms of a Heart Attack

Learn about Atrial Fibrillation from Dr. Joy

Please view the videos below in the order that they appear. If you have an appointment with Dr. Joy as a new patient for atrial fibrillation, please view these videos prior to your appointment

Video 1: Introduction to Atrial Fibrillation

Video 2: Atrial Fibrillation Evaluation

Video 3: Management of A-fib: Stroke Risk

Video 4: Management of A-fib: Heart Rate Control

Video 5: Management of A-fib: Rhythm Control

Video 6: Management of A-fig: A-fib Ablation

Video 7: Management of A-fib: Hybrid Ablation


Learn about Pacemakers

Video: Pacemakers

Learn about Defibrillators

Video: Defibrillators


Data supporting use of implantable Defibrillators:

Madit II Trial

Data supporting medication for Cholesterol:

The Prove-IT Trial